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xii + 380 pp.

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To Break Every Yoke
Essays in Honor of Marvin L. Chaney
Edited by Robert B. Coote, Norman K. Gottwald

Marvin L. Chaney (San Francisco Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union, 1969 to 2006) enjoys international recognition for his seminal role in defining and developing a social-historical approach to the Hebrew Scriptures.

Among the 20 papers in this Festschrift, Phyllis Bird writes on Israelite women’s religious activity outside the household, Robert Coote on the dating of J, William Dever on archaeology and the social world of Isaiah, Patricia Dutcher-Walls on queen mothers and royal politics in late-monarchic Judah, John H. Elliott on the semantics of envy, jealousy, and zeal in the Bible, Frank Frick on sexual imagery in Hosea 1–3, Norman Gottwald on the interplay of religion and ethnicity in biblical Israel, Ron Hendel on the anthropology of food in the priestly Torah, David Hopkins on agricultural labor in ancient Palestine, Richard Horsley on the political roots of early Judean apocalyptic texts, Carol Meyers on Iron II Judean pillar figurines, Richard Rohrbaugh on Zacchaeus as defender of Jesus’ honor, Katharine Sakenfeld on postcolonial perspectives on Rahab, Ruth, and Jael, Luise Schottroff on the notions of world rule and serving God in traditions about Jesus, Keith Whitelam on mapping ancient Israel, Antoinette Wire on the God of Jesus in Mark, and Gale Yee on recovering marginalized groups in ancient Israel.

Robert B. Coote is Nathaniel Gray Professor of Hebrew Exegesis and Old Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union.
Norman K. Gottwald is Adjunct Professor of Old Testament at the Pacific School of Religion and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at New York Theological Seminary.

Series: The Social World of Biblical Antiquity, Second Series, 3
978-1-906055-27-1 hardback
Publication November 2007


Marvin L. Chaney

Norman K. Gottwald and Robert B. Coote

Works by Marvin L. Chaney


Recovering Marginalized Groups in Ancient Israel: Methodological Considerations
Gale A. Yee

The Interplay of Religion and Ethnicity in Ancient Israel
Norman K. Gottwald

Lines of Power: Mapping Ancient Israel
Keith W. Whitelam


Archaeology and the Social World of Isaiah
William G. Dever

Bronze Bangles from Tell en-Nasbeh: Cultural and Economic Observations on an Artifact Type from the Time of the Prophets
Aaron J. Brody and Elizabeth Friedman

Terracottas without Texts: Judean Pillar Figurines in Anthropological Perspective
Carol Meyers

Table and Altar: The Anthropology of Food in the Priestly Torah
Ronald Hendel

“All Sorts of Field Work”: Agricultural Labor in Ancient Palestine
David C. Hopkins

Loan Practices in the Hebrew Bible
D. N. Premnath


Postcolonial Perspectives on Premonarchic Women
Katharine Doob Sakenfeld

The Political and Ideological Interests of Female Sexual Imagery in Hosea 1-3
Frank S. Frick

Queen Mothers and Royal Politics of the Seventh Century B.C.E.
Patricia Dutcher-Walls

Notes on Gender and Religion in Ancient Israel
Phyllis A. Bird


Millenarism, God’s Reign, and Daniel as the Bar-Enash
Herman C. Waetjen

The Political Roots of Early Judean Apocalyptic Texts
Richard A. Horsley

Zacchaeus: Defender of the Honor of Jesus
Richard Rohrbaugh

The God of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark
Antoinette C. Wire

“Ich diene keiner Herrschaft dieser Welt”: Weltherrschaft und Gottes-Dienst in der Jesustradition
Luise Schottroff


Davidic Date of the J Source
Robert B. Coote

Envy, Jealousy, and Zeal in the Bible: Sorting out the Social Differences and Theological Implications-–No Envy for YHWH
John H. Elliott

Unlike many festschrifts I have reviewed for this journal, this volume has no ‘filler’ essays, nor are any of the articles poorly conceived or badly written. Contributors, editors, and publisher should therefore be applauded for producing one of the best festschrifts to come down the pike in a long time—a fitting tribute for a deserving honoree. Michael S. Moore, Catholic Biblical Quarterly.