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xii + 221 pp.

£40 / $70 / €60
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£18.50 / $30 / €25

Creation and Creativity
From Genesis to Genetics and Back
Edited by Caroline Vander Stichele, Alastair G. Hunter

The idea of creation and creativity is among the most powerful and pervasive of metaphors bequeathed to the modern world by the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Twelve specialists here explore the original sources and contemporary manifestations of the theme in both high and low culture, from the Book of Genesis to James Joyce's Ulysses, Children of Gebalawi by the Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz, and the Polish poetry of Wislawa Szymborska, and to popular films, such as Bruce Almighty and Animatrix, and animation films for children

Even current debates on genetics and ecology and the public exhibition of plastinated human bodies invoke these same themes, and make this volume a topical contribution to cultural studies today.

This is the first volume of the Amsterdam Studies in the Bible and Religion (ed. Athalya Brenner), a sub-series of The Bible in the Modern World.

Caroline Vander Stichele is Lecturer in Religious Studies, University of Amsterdam.
Alastair G. Hunter is Senior Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament Studies, University of Glasgow.

Series: Bible in the Modern World, 9
1-905048-48-3, 978-1-905048-48-9 hardback / 1-905048-49-1, 978-1-905048-49-6 paperback
Publication October 2006

Alastair G. Hunter and Caroline Vander Stichele, Introduction

Athalya Brenner, Recreating the Biblical Creation for Western Children: Provisional Reflections on Some Case Studies
David Jasper, 'Down through all Christian minstrelsy': Genesis, James Joyce and Contemporary Vocabularies of Creation
Richard van Leeuwen, Creation and Revelation in Naguib Mahfouz's Novel Children of Gebelawi

Lloyd Ridgeon, Is the God of Islam an Evil Creator?
Alastair Hunter, Creation out of (Almost) Nothing or Does G*d Wear Genes?
Wim Drees, Vocabularies of Creation and Creativity in Debates on Genetics and Ecology

Alison Jasper, Mysteries under your Skin
Jan Willem van Henten, Playing God in the Movies: Bruce Almighty and the Preposterous History of Genesis 1:26-27
Caroline Vander Stichele and Todd Penner, Terminatrix: Visualizing the End of Creation in Animatrix
Louise Joy Lawrence, Tracing Tricksters: Creation and Creativity in John's Gospel
Jonneke Bekkenkamp, Why on Earth? Creation and Creativity in the Vocabularies of Patricia de Martelaere, Wislawa Szymborska and Julia Cameron