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281 pp.

£65 / $135 / €120
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£15.95 / $22.50 / €20

Studies in Paul, Exegetical and Theological
Richard N. Longenecker

Masterly, balanced, concise, jargon-free essays on topics central to the theology of Paul, remaining closely in touch with the biblical text itself while always alert to the range of scholarly opinion and debate. These eleven articles from a recognized leader among New Testament scholars are an attractive entry-point for students into key aspects of Paul’s thought, and are, equally, well worth revisiting by experienced scholars.

Two essays concern Paul’s personal life, one of them on the impact of his conversion on his understanding of Jesus, the other on his experience of prayer. In the context of Galatians, Longenecker explores the idea of the ‘pedagogue’, and in the context of Romans the questions of its addressees and its purpose. Other themes are Paul’s vision of community formation, his concept of mutuality, and the variability of his responses to opponents. In the last three essays, the focus is on Paul’s theology of the resurrection—its basis, its background in Jewish thinking, and whether his thought on the subject underwent development.

R.N. Longenecker is Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Series: New Testament Monographs, 2
1-905048-04-1, 978-1-905048-04-4 hardback / 1-905048-67-X, 978-1-905048-67-0 paperback
Publication November 2004

1. The Impact of Paul's Conversion on his Understanding of
Jesus: A Realized Hope, a New Commitment, and a
Developed Proclamation 1
2. Prayer in the Pauline Letters 28
3. The Pedagogical Nature of the Law in Galatians 3:19-4:7 53
4. Prolegomena to Paul's Use of Scripture in Romans 67
5. The Focus of Romans: The Central Role of 5:1-8:39
in the Argument of the Letter 96
6. Paul's Vision of the Church and Community Formation
in his Major Missionary Letters 122
7. The Pauline Concept of Mutuality as a Basis
for Luke's Theme of Witness 144
8. 'What Does It Matter?': Priorities and the Adiaphora
in Paul's Dealing with Opponents during his Mission 163
9. The Nature of Paul's Early Eschatology 179
10. 'Good Luck on Your Resurrection': Early Judaism and
Paul on the Resurrection of the Dead 194
11. Is There Development in Paul's Resurrection Thought? 216

[T]he papers in this volume reveal Longenecker to be a meticulous scholar, fully conversant with text-critical and historical-critical methods, yet keenly interested in how Paul’s life and letters can guide Christian readers.
Tony Chartrand-Burke, Studies in Religion / Sciences religieuses