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x + 167 pp.

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Megilloth Studies
The Shape of Contemporary Scholarship
Edited by Brad Embry

This volume brings together two years of papers read to the Megilloth Consultation Group at the Annual Meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature; it represents some of the most recent work being done by a group of international scholars on the collection of Hebrew Bible books known as the Megilloth.

Although the individual books of the Megilloth have received ample academic attention in contemporary scholarship, relatively little has been done to situate them under this broader rubric. To this end, the present volume addresses a range of issues associated with studying the five scrolls, such as the internal relationship between the books themselves, intertextual connections between the five scrolls and other portions of the Hebrew Bible, gender and ethnic concerns in the five scrolls, and the theological commitments and contours of the collection. Several of the papers and the volume itself also intentionally wrestle with the viability of the category ‘Megilloth’ as a meaningful term in academic studies of these writings.

In addition to papers on the Megilloth in general (Galvin, Stone, Fullerton Strollo), there are studies on Esther (Davis, Greenspoon, Avnery, Peters, three of them in relation to Ruth), Lamentations (Gruber and Yona, Flanders) and Qoheleth (Weeks).

Brad Embry is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament at Regent University School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Series: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 78
978-1-910928-00-4 hardback
Publication February 2016

Amy Erickson and Brad Embry

Andrew R. Davis
Ruth and Esther as the Thematic Frame of the Megilloth

Leonard Greenspoon
‘Esther, Vashti, Ruth, and Naomi:
Kindred Heroines in Megilloth’

Brittany N. Melton
Miqreh in Retrospect: An Illumination of Miqreh
in Light of Ecclesiastes 3.1-8 and the Book of Ruth

Orit Avnery
Ruth and Esther:
A Journey through Gender, Ethnicity and Identity

Mayer I. Gruber and Shamir Yona
A Male Speaker’s Obsession with the Feminine:
The Strange Case of Lamentations 3

Stuart Weeks
Solomon and Qoheleth

Denise Flanders
The Covenant Curses Transposed: Allusions in
Lamentations to Deuteronomy 28–32 and Levi tic us 26

Janelle Peters
Permanent and Temporary Ethnicities in the Esther Scroll

Garrett Galvin
Horizontal Theology in the Megilloth

Timothy Stone
The Macro-Structure of the Megilloth

Megan Fullerton Strollo
Initiative and Agency:
Towards a Theology of the Megilloth

A fine collection of studies, amply demonstrating the value of considering the Megilloth as a meaningful collection of dialogue-partners rather than an entirely random cluster of idiosyncratic individual scrolls. John Jarick,Society for Old Testament Study Book List.