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8 vols., 5635 pp.

£395 / $595 / €475

The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, vols. 1-8 paperback
David J.A. Clines

The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew is a completely new and innovative dictionary.

Unlike previous dictionaries, which have been dictionaries of biblical Hebrew, this is the first dictionary of the classical Hebrew language to include, as well as the biblical texts, Ben Sira, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and all the other known Hebrew inscriptions and manuscripts.

This Dictionary covers the period from the earliest times to 200 CE. It lists and analyses every occurrence of each Hebrew word that occurs in texts of that period, with an English translation of every Hebrew word and phrase cited. Among its special features are: a list of the non-biblical texts cited (especially the Dead Sea Scrolls), a word frequency index for each letter of the alphabet, a substantial bibliography and an English–Hebrew index in each volume.

The paperback edition contains exactly the same pages as the hardback, and is priced at less than half the hardback price. The paperback edition can only be ordered as a set of 8 volumes.

Please use this page for ordering the complete set of 8 vols., published between 1993 and 2011. If you are ordering it from a bookseller other than SPP, you may need to know its two ISBNs: 978-1-907534-37-9 and 978-1-907534-38-6.

The supplementary Volume 9 (Index and Word Frequency Table) should be ordered separately.

See also
The Concise Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, a one-volume version of The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew.

David J.A. Clines is Professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield.

Series: Dictionary of Classical Hebrew
978-1-907534-37-9, 978-1-907534-38-6 paperback
Publication November 2011

The praise of BDB in 1892 may be repeated for this new dictionary. It is indeed 'a landmark and a glory for the generation which produced [it]'.
C.S. Rodd, Editor, Expository Times

Sheffield is to be congratulated on a remarkable achievement. Volume 1 proves beyond doubt that The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew is going to combine the strengths of the Gesenius-BDB tradition-thoroughness, comprehensiveness, meticulous 'old-fashioned' textual scholarship-with impeccable 20th-century linguistic theory.
J.F.A. Sawyer, Society for Old Testament Study Book List

If there is anything sensational about the contemporary study of ancient Hebrew, then one must say: It is in book form, and the book is called the Sheffield Dictionary of Classical Hebrew … Absolutely indispensable!
Bernhard Lang, Editor, Internationale Zeitschrift für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete