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xxii + 373 pp.

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From the Margins 2
Women of the New Testament and their Afterlives
Edited by Christine E. Joynes, Christopher C. Rowland

Despite half a century of biblical interpretation that has sought to put women back on the agenda of ancient texts (written largely if not wholly by men), the dominant threads of narrative and doctrine have—with the notable exception of Mary the mother of Jesus—been focused on the lives and actions of men. Reception history tells a different story. It is not the case that there is a recovery of the lives of women hidden behind the pages of the New Testament, for our information remains as sparse and tantalizing as ever. Rather, the study of biblical women’s ‘afterlives’ allows the imaginative engagement of artists and writers to broaden the horizon of interpretative expectations. Whether it is through historical imagination or the grasp of different portrayals of familiar biblical women (like Mary the mother of Jesus or Mary Magdalene), the creative genius of these interpreters, neglected by mainstream biblical textual scholars, only underlines the importance of the biblical women, viewed in the light of their afterlives.

This volume has its origins in a project entitled 'Biblical Women and their Afterlives' conceived and developed by the Centre for Reception History of the Bible at the University of Oxford and organized together with colleagues from the Luce Program in Scripture and Literary Arts at Boston University, USA. This project resulted not only in the present interdisciplinary collection of 21 essays (with their 66 illustrations) but also its companion volume From the Margins 1: Women of the Hebrew Bible and their Afterlives, edited by Peter S. Hawkins and Lesleigh Cushing Stahlberg.

The present volume includes the specially commissioned poem ‘To Cast a Stone’ by the acclaimed Irish poet John F. Deane.

Christine E. Joynes is Co-Director of the Centre for Reception History of the Bible at the University of Oxford.
Christopher C. Rowland is Dean Ireland Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture at the University of Oxford.

Series: Bible in the Modern World, 27
978-1-906055-81-3 hardback
Publication November 2009

Christine E. Joynes and Christopher C. Rowland, Introduction
John F. Deane, To Cast a Stone
Lesleigh Cushing Stahlberg, Just Another Jewish Mother? Mary in the Jewish Imagination
John Darr, Belittling Mary: Insult, Humiliation and Early Developments in Mariology
Sarah Jane Boss, ‘Black But Beautiful’: The Black Madonnas of Western Europe and the Biblical Commentaries of St Bernard of Clairvaux
Ann Loades, Mary: Bone of Contention
Melanie J. Wright, The Celluloid Brothel: Imag(in)ing Woman in The Last Temptation of Christ
Heidi J. Hornik, Recasting the Magdalene in Sixteenth-Century Florence: The Painting Workshop of Michele Tosini
Peter Loewen, Mary Magdalene as Joculatrix Domini: Franciscan Music and Vernacular Homiletics in the Shrewsbury Officium resurrectionis and Easter Plays from Germany and Bohemia
Rachel Nicholls, ‘What kind of woman is this?’ Reading Luke 7:36-50 in the Light of Dante Rossetti’s Drawing Mary Magdalene at the Door of Simon the Phariseee, 1853–59
Christopher C. Rowland, Mary Magdalene as Agent (or Witness) of Apocalypse
Jennifer Wright Knust, Too Hot to Handle? The Story of an Adulteress and the Gospel of John
Caroline Vander Stichele, Herodias goes Headhunting
Margarita Stocker, Short Story, Maximal Imbroglio: Salome Ancient and Modern
Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Imagining Salome, or how la sauterelle became la femme fatale
Ela Nutu, Reading Salome: Caravaggio and the Gospel Narratives
Christine E. Joynes, Wombs and Tombs: The Reception History of Mark 16.1-20
Ena Giurescu Heller, Sibling Rivalry: Martha and Mary of Bethany
Louise J. Lawrence, ‘Crumb-Trails and Puppy-Dog Tales’: Reading Afterlives of a Canaanite Woman
Charlotte Methuen, ‘Juniam—nomen viri est’: On Early Modern Readings of Paul’s Greetings to the Roman Church
Susanne Sklar, Blake’s Jerusalem: Refiguring Revelation’s Women
Natasha O’Hear, Images of Babylon: A Visual History of the Whore in Late Medieval and Early Modern Art
Harriet M. Sonne de Torrens, Fovea peccati et uterus ecclesiae: The Symbiotic Nature of Female Sexuality on Medieval Baptismal Fonts