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xvi + 328 pp.

£35 / $60 / €40
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£19.50 / $35 / €25

Biblical Art from Wales
Edited by Martin O'Kane, John Morgan-Guy

This lavishly illustrated volume showcases the wide variety and range of biblical art found in Wales, much of it little known and hitherto unpublished. It explores the significance and influence of the Bible in the visual culture in Wales in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – from the simplicity of the Nonconformist chapel and the synagogues to the colourful array of stained glass found in many churches and the icons of the Orthodox tradition. Biblical images from special collections in some of the main repositories of Wales such as the National Library, the National Museum and the Aberystwyth School of Art have also been included.

Throughout Wales, the Bible has been interpreted and illustrated in a surprisingly wide range of media: in paint and sculpture, needlework and ceramic, woodcarving and engraving. The illustrations in the book (some 300 of which are in colour) include examples from several media and demonstrate how the process of ‘visual exegesis’ was an important feature of religious and cultural life in Wales in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Seventeen scholars, drawn from the worlds of visual culture and biblical studies, including Peter Lord, John Harvey, David Jasper, Christopher Rowland, Philip Esler and Sharman Kadish contextualize and offer original and insightful interpretations of biblical artwork from the period. As well as evaluating the work of particular artists such as David Jones, John Petts and Ivor Williams, specific examples of Pre-Raphaelite work in Wales and in the artisan visual tradition are also discussed.

The volume is accompanied by a DVD which adds a further interpretative dimension. It contains over 600 images and allows the reader to explore further subjects introduced in the book, arranged and structured as seven key representative themes such as Word and Image, the Bible in the Welsh Landscape, Domestic Piety, and so on. Both the book and DVD are supported by an online database of images. From the DVD one can click directly into the online database (which contains over 3,000 images), hosted by the National Library of Wales, to find out more information about the context of individual images.

Martin O’Kane is Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies in the Dept of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Wales, Lampeter and Director of the Centre for the Bible and the Visual Imagination.
John Morgan-Guy is Research Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Wales, Lampeter.

978-1-906055-67-7 hardback / 978-1-906055-74-5 paperback
Publication May 2010

1. The Bible and Wales in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
D. Densil Morgan, Professor of Theology, Bangor University

2. Biblical Art from Wales: Text and Context
Martin O’Kane, Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies, University of Wales, Lampeter

3. Biblical Art from Wales: Historical Overview
John Morgan-Guy, Research Fellow, University of Wales, Lampeter

4. The Bible and Art in Wales: A Nonconformist Perspective
John Harvey, Professor of Art, Aberystwyth University

5. The Bible in the Artisan Tradition of Welsh Visual Culture
Peter Lord, Research Fellow at Swansea University and author of the three-volume commentary, The Visual Culture of Wales

6. Medieval Influence on Biblical Art in Wales
Martin Crampin, Research Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth

7. Pre-Raphaelite Biblical Art in Wales
David Jasper, Professor of Literature and Theology, University of Glasgow

8. Images of the Apocalypse: Blair Hughes-Stanton (1902–1981)
Christopher Rowland, Professor of Biblical Interpretation, University of Oxford

9. Biblical Imagery in the Engravings of David Jones (1895–1974)
Hannah Dentinger, Lake Superior College, Duluth, Minnesota

10. The Biblical Paintings of Ivor Williams (1908–1982)
Philip Esler, Professor of Biblical Interpretation, University of St Andrews

11. Interpreting the Bible through Painted Glass: The Harry Clarke Studios and Wilhelmina Geddes (1887–1955)
Nicola Gordon-Bowe, Associate Fellow in the Faculty of Visual Culture in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin

12. Light, Colour and the Bible: The Stained Glass Windows of John Petts (1914–1991)
Alison Smith, Curator, Head of British Art to 1900, Tate Britain, London

13. Imaging the Apostle Paul in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Wales
Larry J. Kreitzer, Tutor in New Testament,, Regent’s Park College, Oxford

14. Icons and the Bible: The Orthodox Church of St Nicholas in Cardiff
Andreas Andreopoulos, Director of the Centre for Orthodox Studies, University of Wales, Lampeter

15. The Jewish Presence in Wales: Image and Material Reality
Sharman Kadish, Director of Jewish Heritage UK, University of Manchester

16. Biblical Imagery in Private and Public Spaces in Wales (1850–1930)
Oliver Fairclough, Keeper of Art, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

17. Transformation or Decline? Modern Welsh Artists and the Welsh Biblical Heritage
Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, formerly Head of Manuscripts and Visual Imagery at the National Library of Wales