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60 pp.

£12.50 / $20 / €15

Proto-Luke, the Oldest Gospel Account
A Christ-Centered Synthesis of Old Testament History, Modelled Especially on the Elijah-Elisha Narrative. Introduction, Text, and Old Testament Model
Thomas L. Brodie

This publication distils the arguments for Proto-Luke and, for the first time in the long debate about Proto-Luke, sets out the proposed text, in Greek and English, and also the text of Proto-Luke’s basic literary model, the Elijah-Elisha narrative. The large format clarifies a key feature: both the model and Proto-Luke consist of eight diptychs—the text is indeed orderly (Luke 1:3)—and each diptych generally fits on two facing pages. The clarity of the presentation greatly facilitates discussion, and the result, especially in light of the kinds of arguments in Brodie’s The Birthing of the New Testament (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2004), and The Crucial Bridge (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2000), is a text which is a key to the development of all four gospels. As a theory it is not as easy as Q, but it may be claimed to be more well-grounded, coherent, and useful.

This book was published by Dominican Biblical Institute, Limerick, in 2006, and is distributed by Sheffield Phoenix Press. Its 60 pages are large-format (9½ inches x 14).

Thomas L. Brodie is author of 'The Birthing of the New Testament' and 'The Crucial Bridge'. His other writings include commentaries on Genesis and John.

0-933462-09-3 paperback
Publication November 2006

The present publication … stands as a welcome addition to the author’s previously developed theory, which not all may share but that certainly helps one to understand Luke–Acts better against its Old Testament background. It also nicely shows how much Luke and Acts are complementary and depend on a Christ-centered interpretation of that same Old Testament and the Elijah– Elisha narratives therein. —Gerbern Oegema, Review of Biblical Literature.

Students of sources and patterns in Luke–Acts will be grateful to Tom Brodie for this attractively presented reconstruction of his proposed proto-Lucan document (in both Greek and English) arranged in tabular form to bring out the diptych structures which he has detected in it. — I. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen.

Brodie’s hypothetical reconstruction of a Proto-Luke and the development of his argument in this regard certainly deserves attention and discussion. — Gert J. Steyn, University of Pretoria.