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Hebrew Bible Monographs

99 book(s) found. Click on a book title to view further details

66. Reading a Tendentious Bible
Essays in Honor of Robert B. Coote
Edited by Marvin L. Chaney, Uriah Y. Kim, Annette Schellenberg
Publication Date: October 2014

63. Discourse, Dialogue, and Debate in the Bible
Essays in Honour of Frank H. Polak
Edited by Athalya Brenner-Idan
Publication Date: August 2014

60. Abigail, Wife of David, and Other Ancient Oriental Women
Edited by Daniel Bodi
Publication Date: October 2013

59. Where the Wild Ox Roams
Biblical Essays in Honour of Norman C. Habel
Edited by Alan H. Cadwallader, Peter L. Trudinger
Publication Date: October 2013

49. Making a Difference
Essays on the Bible and Judaism in Honor of Tamara Cohn Eskenazi
Edited by David J.A. Clines, Kent Harold Richards, Jacob L. Wright
Publication Date: October 2012

40. Words, Ideas, Worlds
Biblical Essays in Honour of Yairah Amit
Edited by Athalya Brenner, Frank H. Polak
Publication Date: August 2012

38. A Critical Engagement
Essays on the Hebrew Bible in Honour of J. Cheryl Exum
Edited by David J.A. Clines, Ellen van Wolde
Publication Date: November 2011

30. Out of Paradise
Eve and Adam and their Interpreters
Edited by Bob Becking, Susan Hennecke
Publication Date: December 2010

17. Unity and Disunity in Ezra–Nehemiah
Redaction, Rhetoric, and Reader
Edited by Mark J. Boda, Paul L. Redditt
Publication Date: June 2008

13. Voyages in Uncharted Waters
Essays on the Theory and Practice of Biblical Interpretation in Honour of David Jobling
Edited by Wesley J. Bergen, Armin Siedlecki
Publication Date: October 2006