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Hebrew Bible Monographs

77 book(s) found. Click on a book title to view further details

58. The Decalogue and its Cultural Influence
Edited by Dominik Markl
Publication Date: September 2013

57. The Necessary King
A Postcolonial Reading of the Deuteronomistic Portrait of the Monarchy
David Janzen
Publication Date: September 2013

56. Sight and Insight in Genesis
A Semantic Study
Talia Sutskover
Publication Date: October 2013

55. The Reception of the Hebrew Bible in the Septuagint and the New Testament
Essays in Memory of Aileen Guilding
Edited by David J.A. Clines, J. Cheryl Exum
Publication Date: July 2013

54. Chorus in the Dark
The Voices of the Book of Lamentations
Kim Lan Nguyen
Publication Date: October 2013

53. Journeys in the Songscape
Space and the Song of Songs
Christopher Meredith
Publication Date: June 2013

52. Anatomical Idiom and Emotional Expression
A Comparison of the Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint
Angela Thomas
Publication Date: May 2014

51. The World of the Child in the Hebrew Bible
Naomi Steinberg
Publication Date: January 2013

50. Ben Sira and the Men Who Handle Books
Gender and the Rise of Canon-Consciousness
Claudia V. Camp
Publication Date: June 2013

49. Making a Difference
Essays on the Bible and Judaism in Honor of Tamara Cohn Eskenazi
Edited by David J.A. Clines, Kent Harold Richards, Jacob L. Wright
Publication Date: October 2012