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Carole R. Fontaine
Carole Fontaine is John Taylor Professor of Biblical Theology and History, Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Centre, Massachusetts.

Fontaine's books include Traditional Sayings in the Old Testament: A Contextual Study (1982), Proverb Performance in the Hebrew Bible (1985), Smooth Words: Women, Proverbs and Performance in Biblical Wisdom (22002). She edited with Claudia Camp, Women, War, and Metaphor: Language and Society in the Study of the Hebrew Bible (1993), and with Athalya Brenner A Feminist Companion to Reading the Bible (1997), and the volumes on Wisdom and Psalms (1998) and Song of Songs (2000).

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With Eyes of Flesh
The Bible, Gender and Human Rights
Carole R. Fontaine
Publication Date: September 2008